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“Serp I Molot” plant will be replaced by a garden city?

When I’ve come to Entuziastov roadway yesterday, I didn’t realize where I am, at first.

This is how the huge “Serp I Molot” plant territory between the Third Ring Road and “Ploshad Ilyicha” metro station looks like now.

Serp I Molot plant. Reconstruction

I’ve googled a bit and learned that here, 5 kilometers away from the Kremlin, will be built an apartment block “Symbol”, at the total square of 58 hectares.

Serp I Molot plant. Reconstruction

About 1.5 millions of square meters of immovables will be constructed here during 10 years. Construction of the first part will be finished in 2018, all the work is going to be done by 2025-2026.

Some community centers will also be constructed here at about 270 thousand square meters’ square. They will contain science and office facilities, about 8-9 thousand of new jobs will be created.

Serp I Molot plant. Reconstruction

Developer’s representative say that memorials in honour of “Serp I Molot” workers, who had died during the Great Patriotic War, will be saved. Does anybody know, where these memorials are?

Serp I Molot plant. Reconstruction

There is a label at the side: “A temporary information billboard. This isn’t an advertisement”.

Serp I Molot plant. Reconstruction

Unusual picture. Actually, the center of the city is not the proper place for plants.

Serp I Molot plant. Reconstruction

Now it’s time to take some fresh photos for comparing “before and after”.

Source (text and pictures): Marina Lystseva (fotografersha)
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