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Moscow. Two huge heads at Vuchetich’s dacha

Sculptor Vuchetich’s ex dacha is located at Solomennaya storozhka settlement not far away from Timiryazevskaya metro station. There are two unusual Moscow sights, behind the fence.

1. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get to the territory. It is not a sculptor’s museum there, but a building to rent. However, all the interesting things are perfectly seen from outside. It’s hard not to notice two huge heads, while passing by. This an uncompleted monument to Lenin. Looks a bit creepy.

Moscow. Two huge heads at Vuchetich’s dacha

2. It must be hidden by the leaves in summer.

Moscow. Two huge heads at Vuchetich’s dacha

3. The head is looking away from the Northern Administrative Okrug prefecture. Maybe they’ve thought that Lenin’s back of the head is not a perfect view and hidden it by a screen.

Moscow. Two huge heads at Vuchetich’s dacha

4. There is also a copy of the Homelnad-Mother’s head, but it’s not available. Closed for winter, for maintenance or for undetermined time.

Moscow. Two huge heads at Vuchetich’s dacha

It’s said that neighbors didn’t like the sculptor (is it real to correctly pronounce his surname for the first?). It’s said that he was rude and supercilious, but I don’t know if it’s true. The settlement is called “Solomennaya storozhka” (straw lodge), because house of the guard, who was protecting these land (belonged to Peter’s forest and agricultural academy, now known as Russian State Agricultural University), had been covered with straw.

The academy’s administration was celling and renting areas for dachas, to get money for building and equipping the academy in 1860s. The settlement, appeared on that land, was named Petrovsko-Razumovsky, but among people it was known as “Solomennaya storozhka”.

Source (text and pictures): Alex Kulikov (CR2)
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