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Moscow. For the homeland without Stalin, the graffiti by Zoom

I don’t really like when the art is mixed with politics and I never photograph such works. But I’ve made an exception for Zoom. This is his new work that appeared at “Polyanka” in Moscow the other day.

Stalin is a long and tedious subject for discussion and, unfortunately, the one, which cannot be discussed adequately. Anger, abuse, threats and insults show up in the discussion immediately. People acting like this, remind zombies or robots, having a single program.

Moscow. For the homeland without Stalinа

I associate Stalin with thousands of guiltless people put to death, with permanent fear of “being taken at night”. Of course, there were great achievements, at his times, but what about their price? Is it normal to measure speed of construction of some “Belomorkanals” by the human lives?

Stalin is a symbol of the war and the Victory? I doubt it. Ordinary soldier is a symbol of the war. Hungry, frozen, exhausted, having lost his relatives at Kolyma, but continuing the fight for his homeland and the future of his offspring. It was much warmer and more comfortable in leather offices, than in the trenches.

2. The picture is thoughtful. Pedestrians liked it. Some of them were stopping to take a photo.

Moscow. For the homeland without Stalinа

P.S. Why, with all the disadvantages of Stalin, there still are people, who are ready to kill for the reminder of those disadvantages? What a fanatic? What a Stockholm syndrome? Is the propaganda of those times still alive and even affect the people, who didn’t live at Soviet? I can’t understand.

Actually, I feel sorry for that people. I think, they need something average, that would, just like a magician, erase all the problem and return the past glory. They are not ready to work hard and to change the reality for the better by themselves. They’re waiting. They’ve left any responsibilities, and become passive, while energetic, active, thoughtful ones in various spheres keep working,

P.S. I’ve heard an opinion recently, that antistalinism is a part of russophobia. That’s just ridiculous!

P.P.S. I hope that Zoom, known for his perfect works, won’t touch politic themes.

Source (text and pictures): Alex Kulikov (CR2)
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