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Gorky Park at New Year holidays

Some pictures from the New Year’s park.

1. There is a strange Christmas tree in front of the entrance. This is an 18-meters-high model of a parachute tower, which were located at the park and had even been one of its symbols in 1930-1950s.

This one. It was here at celebration of New Year 2015.

Gorky Park at New Year holidays

That’s nice and unusual, but I liked the last year’s ice-cream-tree more.

Gorky Park at New Year holidays

They have a different tree every year. This one was pleasing the visitors’ eyes in 2014. Next year it appeared at Vorobyoby Gory. It turns out that fir-trees walk for about 5 kilometers a year :)

Gorky Park at New Year holidays

2. This is my favorite place in the Park. Here is snow, no crowds, cute small fir-tree, some benches. This is where I’d like to celebrate the festive.

Gorky Park at New Year holidays

3. Looking at this stall, I’ve remembered the “Home alone” for some reason.

Gorky Park at New Year holidays

The holidays are not over yet! If you’re in Moscow, you have a perfect chance to have a walk along beautifully decorated streets. Don’t forget to wear warm clothes. Actually, I like such frost more than the rain and slush, we’ve had in December.

Good holidays for everyone! 😉

Source (text and pictures): Alex Kulikov (CR2)
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