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About the rights.

All the articles and photos belong to their authors. The reference to the source of the material can be found beneath each article. If you want to use a photo or a whole article in your personal blog, in most of the cases you only have to attach an active indexing link to the source. Notice, that it should not be a link to this website, but to a source, mentioned beneath the article.

If you want to use materials of this site for any commercial purposes, please contact the author for a permission of such actions. You are likely to get it without any questions (just like we did). In some cases author may quote some terms (to have a look at your project, to note his authorship more explicitly to change the back reference text, or something), but you’ll reach an agreement anyway.

Of course, you can simply steal the material or a single photo and post it under your account, and you, probably, won’t receive any punishment. The only thing you’d get – the feeling of your unscrupulousness. We hope, that our audience contains as less people, who don’t respect others’ work and are ready to take what isn’t their, as possible.

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