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Neskuchny Garden: the squirrel kingdom

Hello, dear kids! Today we are going to visit the squirrel kingdom once again. What? Who said that I’m a fool and such a kingdom doesn’t exist? You, Vasya? Think before talking next time, or I’ll punish you!

This kingdom is located at a high hill over the beautiful Moskva river… Yes, Sveta, you are also beautiful with your blue-green hair, just like a water-plant. So, we are going to the Neskuchny garden and I hope, nobody will be bored… me especially. Did everyone take some food for dumb animals? No Kostya, not an explosive bag, but a food bag!

1. As we learnt last time, squirrels have a very beautiful and valuable fur. But they get it only at summer, so hide your knife, Yulya. These animals are fearful and they are hiding from humans at the tops of the trees. That’s so understandable…

Neskuchny Garden: the squirrel kingdom

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